Panefi - Hood 38 Teak Deck

Price 400.00

Enjoy the magnificent places of Crete with our sailing boat Panefi.

Panefi a 12 meter sailing boat that provides you the opportunity to enjoy a private cruise exploring the small islands as well as the gulfs and the capes of Chania.
The boat’s capacity is 10 people including the captain and the assistant.

Mahairida beach is located near the main beach of Tersanas, 14 km northeast of the center of Chania. Its name is derived from the word (mahairi which means knife) because of its northern cape which looks like a knife. Ιts name might have also been derived from the Greek flower which is also called mahairida –in Greek- with the scientific name Gradiolis italicus.

The above-mentioned beach offers an amazing scenery with crystal clear waters where one can enjoy his/her daily cruise by swimming, fishing or even sunbathing on this wonderful lonely beach. This small bay is mainly calm and is constituted of white sand. Moreover, the coastline near the beach is a unique habitat for many wild animals. Among the rocks there is a pond like a crater with springs of salt water where water snakes, turtles and seagulls live.

In the ancient times, the small island of Thodorou was named Akytos (meaning unsuitable for residence) or Litoa as well as Touloulos. During the Minoan period, the island constituted an asylum whereas later on, during the period of Venetocracy the usage of the island was differentiated.

Venetians mentioned it as San Theodoro or San Todaro and in 1574 they decided to build a castle in order to prevent both pirates and Turks from any potential invasion. They built two fortresses costed a large amount of money (about 21.500 dukes). Seventy guards were used in order to ensure the safety of the island. In 1964, the Tourks attacked the island of Crete. Unable to face the enemy, the guards preferred to die by burning themselves, rather than surrendering to the enemy.

What should also be noted is that the island of Thodorou constitutes the habitat of the Cretan wild goat named Kri-Kri due to the fact that the specific species is considered as both endangered and endemic. The aforementioned animal was transferred to the island a few years ago in order for it to be able to breed and live without facing any human interference and/or danger (i.e. illegal game). Nowadays, populations of the species can also be found in the Samaria gorge.

The cruise:

Includes an 8 hour cruise

Usually the cruise starts at 10.30 in the morning and finishes at 18.30

The number of customers can be from 1 to 8 persons

Includes lunch, soft drinks, fruits and desert

The usual destinations are the coasts and the islands located near Chania (i.e. Mahairida, Thodorou etc).

Each cruise is always dependent on the weather conditions.

The price of the package also includes VAT and the fuels.

The Yacht:

Hull Type: Keel/CB & spade rudder    Rig Type:Masthead Sloop

LOA:38.06' / 11.60m                            LWL:30.42' / 9.27m

Beam:11.81' / 3.60m                            Listed SA:707 ft2 / 65.68 m2

Draft (max.)10.83' / 3.30m                   Draft (min.)4.50' / 1.37m

Displacement:23348 lbs./ 10591 kgs. Ballast:11023 lbs. / 5000 kgs.

Sail Area/Disp.1:13.90                         Bal./Disp.:47.21%

Disp./Len.:370.27                                 Designer:Ted Hood

Builder:Henri Wauquiez (FRA)            Construction:FG

Bal. type:Lead